Dr. Hakan Doganay

Dr.Hakan Doganay perform world class in  FUE( Follicular unit extraction ) technique  
In  hair transplantation . 
Dr. Hakan Doganay  is graduated by Selcuk Medical  University since  1993.
Dr. Doganay has over 10 years' experience in  Hair Transplant.
 In 2006 he been specialized in FUE(Follicular units extraction ) technique 
In 2009 he became the head doctor of hair restoration department at Aspedos Hospital .

Dr. Hakan Doganay is specialized in FUE & BHT (  hair transplant – this technique  includes ( using hair from the body such as beard ,chest and hair from the  aria of the scalp )

Dr. Doganay is very selective in choosing the patients , because not all the  patients are suitable for FUE technique .
Dr. Doganay is very systematic and thorough in surgical approach .
In FUE technique  ( extraction follicular tool called micro-motor with punches ranging from 6mm to 8mm in order to minimize the scars  of the donor area while extracting and damage of the follicular units during extraction   are minimal

DR.Hakan Doganay uses Implanter pen for placing the grafts into the recipient  area with the help of the experienced nurses ,follicular units are carefully loaded into the CHOI implanter pens ranging from 0.6mm to 0.8 mm Dr.Doganay carefully place all the grafts into recipient area . 
Dr Hakan Doğanay performs all the implanting part by himself

Choi implanter pen is an surgical tool that has the potential to make some aspect of the hair and transplant procedure easier . The advantage of the Choi implanter pen have been debated by leading hair transplant surgeons . Dr. Hakan Dganay believes that the CHOI implanter pen can minimize the potential mishandling / damage the grafts during the placement .Ultimately ,a surgical tool is only as good as the physician using it ,he feels that in his hands he can and does  produce an excellent result  

All the follicular units must be implanted with in 5 hours from the extraction in order to minimize desiccation ( dehydration ) and death of the follicles 
Dr. Doganay is confident that he can produce optimal growth yield of approximately 80% to 95 % with his technique 

Dr. Hakan Doganay designs and creates natural looking hair lines that mimic mature by using only single hair follicular units .
Like other leading surgeons, he feels  that multi-hair grafts placed in the hairline does not give and natural look. Also he provides dense packing up to 60 follicular units per square centimeter (FU/cm2)

Dr.HAKAN DOGANAY is a member of the Turkish Plastic Surgeon Organization

Hair transplant technique and the patient results are carefully reviewed by our online hair loss community . 

Dr.Hakan Doganay - Hair Transplant Surgeon

Who is Dr. Hakan Doğanay


Dr.Hakan Doganay  Started doing (HT) hair transplant since 2002 
First he started hair transplant with FUT technique ,however after he discover  FUE technique ,he stopped using FUT technique in 2006 since then he has  performed  only the FUE method .
Dr.Hakan Doganay has been recommended by various hair restoration forums 
 His outstanding results were published in forums and reviewed by many patients  
Dr.Hakan DOGANAY is performing BHT ( Body Hair transplant ) surgeries 
He prefers to use beard body hair transplant 
DR.Doganay is one of the rare doctors who have obtained outstanding results with the help of the Choi Implanter pen technique ,with this technique he render to give proper angles to grafts especially in the hairline area 

There are many advantage of the Choi implanter pen technique ;such as not limited enabling proper angles ,less bleeding during the procedure and etc.