Bad Had Hair Transplant Repair

Bad Hair Transplant

Hair Transplantation has been performing worldwide for many years.

Hair transplantations made prior to the discovery of the concept of follicular units in 1990’s were carried out in great macrogroups and unfortunately resulted in unnatural appearances due to lack of tech during that times.

Furthermore, we may encounter plenty of hair transplantation applications which were conducted uncautiously and without abiding by the general principles of hair transplantation. Transplantations which were conducted without detecting the right angle of protrusion and grass man look which is the consequence of implementation of triple and quadruple hair grafts that sharpens the frontal hairline are among the examples.

You may see a few Hair transplant repair case done by Dr Hakan Doganay

We basically follow below steps in the hair transplant repair cases:

1-determine badly conducted hair

2-extraction those grafts and new grafts from donor area “if it is neccessary”

3-Checking the area for new hairline and unextracted hairs

4-Preparing hair grafts for implanting

5-Calculating single, double, triple grafts

6-Placing the grafts into implanter pen

7-Then both former and new grafts are transplanted with correct angle, direction, and deepness

8-In this way, we can obtain the natural apperiance on the front line