Body Hair Transplant


If the donor area has not sufficient enough grafts to cover all the bald area,the hair in the different parts of the body such as beard and chest can easily be used for as backup.The hairs from convenient region in the chest and beard are extracted one by one and transplanted into the hairless regions.

It should be noted that Body Hair Transplantation is not the first choice of implementation and is preferred as an alternative method to fill hairless regions.It is really very important to use body hair and donor hair together while transplantating in order to get natural appearance.

Beard Hair Extraction & Healing

Beard hair extraction is different from scalp extraction.Hair directions are different in different parts of the beard.Also, beard area has soft tissue has more fat than scalp.

You may find 3 photos below:

First Photo is before operation, second is the operation day and third photo is 10 days after operation.


— Grafts are extracted from the area below the jaw bone

— Even if the graft in the beard can be extracted as a whole,we extract 30 % of it in one session to avoid any risk of a scar on the face

— There are almost 1000-3000 grafts hair which can be extracted depending on the density of the beard.

Chest Hair Extraction & Healing

The chest hairs are generally slender and curly.
Grafts can be damaged while extracting since roots of the hairs are curly too,the.That’s why it may not possible to perform the transplantation.
It may not possible to live of those extracted hairs even if the transplantation is performed althoug they haveb een extracted properly and healtly.
The chest hairs are not the right hair because of the reasons we have mentioned above.
For this reason we don’t measure them for transplantation,but we use it to increase density