Women Hair Transplant

female hair transplant

We have to keep in mind that there are some differences in practice,however.

Firstly,the reason of hair loss must be estimated correctly.

There may be insufficient hair for transplantation,if the reasons of hair loss are alopecia totalis .The transplantation can be made if the are enough hair in the donor area.

The more we can get healthy and strong hair in donor area the more we get healthier hair.

If the donor area isn’t bald,the hair is not going to be bold,too.

The hair tranplantation in women can be done in what stuations

Androgenic loss

Regional baldness

Transplantation on scar

Althoug the loss of hair in women are not commen as in the men,it has psychological effects on them.

women-hair-loss There are no differerence in the  method of  hair trasnlation method  both in men and women.Besides this there may some anx,ety and worry in women while transplanting hair. The type of hair loss must be accurately determined at first. When the type of baldness is alopecia totalis, for instance, the hair intensity decreases evenly over the entire hairy skin of the head, it is not much reasonable to do hair transplantation for the hair in the donour region which is also becoming sparse and if used. This hair is likely tobecome  bald after transplantation.You may view the video of a hair transplantation application  in the transplantation process which is being  performed in women with the FUE method.

An important issue in hair transplantation is the strength of the hair removed from the donour site : The stronger the removed hair is, the stronger will be the transplanted hair. If the hair in the donour site is nonbalding, then the transplanted hair is not bald either.

Adequate cases of hair transplantation for ladies :

– Man Type Baldness,

– Regional Baldness,

– Hair transplantation over a cleavage scar.

You may view the video of a hair transplantation procedure which is performed in women with the FUE method

If the length of the hair is convenient enough in donor area,the extraction signs are not visible on donor area in all hair transplantations.