Hair Loss Treatment

We will provide the medicines below:

1 Dexametason Pill: In order to protect the swelling the head it is used 2-3 days. It may cause hack up as side effect. If the patient suffers from ulcer then it has to be used with stomach pill. It has to be taken 2 times in a day, one after the breakfast, and the other after the dinner.

2 Bephantol Lotion: This lotion is used to make the skin soft and applied before the washing hair. It has to stay on the patient head (either on the donor or transplanted part of the head) roughly 45 min.

3 Finasteride (Propecia 1 mg- Proscard 5mg): It is one of the best hair products, approved by FDA. It has been proved that this product makes weak hairs stronger and minimizes the hair loss. Also, it is useful to minimize the shock loss after the surgery. The most important side effect is that the patient’s sexual may decrease with the possibility 5%. This side effect is temporary and stops after quitting the pill. If Proscard is the 5 ml version then the patient should use the quarter of a pill otherwise if it is 1 ml version, then, the patient should use the a pill.

4 Biotin It is H vitamin, there is no side effect and decrease the shock loss rate. It is used in once a day.

You can use if neccesary the medicines below

1 Ciproproxacin: (Against infection)It might not be suitable for every patient. For those patients who suffer from diabetic are the suitable ones for this pill. Either 500 ml 2×1 or 1×1 versions can be used during 3 days.

2 Minoksidil (Rogain) for man 5% version for woman %2 versions should be used. It is approved by FDA that it minimizes the hair loss.

3 Contractuebex It is only applied the beard when the beard grafts are used. It is used two times in a day to recover the scar.

4 Dermaroller This device is used for massage to make the head of the patient blood circulation fast. It should be applied after a month.

-Since transplanted grafts need two days to adopt the transplanted area, in these 48 hours the patient has to be careful.

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