Before FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

Before hair transplant procedures you were inform by the doctor after your consultation,

Before hair transplant operation, a patient should answer those questions:

What is the hairloss family history?
When did you start loosing hair ?
Does the hair lost hair continue or stop ?
Have you taken medicines to prevent the hair lost ?
Do you have any chronic illness if yes what are they ?
What are your request and expectation ?

What will we evaluate during the faca-to-face consultation:

  • The shape of the hairless area and hair loss percentage
  • The type of your hair loss (thinning or  complete loss)
  • The thickness of your hair and the type of your hair such as wavy, straight or curly
  • The density of your donor area
  • The pervious transplant result and method if you had


Before the operation what you should do?

You shouldn’t take medicine which can cause increasing bleeding before 1 week from your operation (such as aspirin, herbal teas, rheumatic pain killer).
You can have small breakfast or cookies before your operation.
Please don’t shave your hair, we will shave your hair if needed.
During your operation you will be clothed we advise you can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable
Before your operation, it is not necessary to have blood sampling.