Hairline Design

Please Remember To:

The important point of plans 

  • The decision is made by Dr Hakan about how many grafts will be implanted.
  • Patient is beign prepared for extracting process.
  • Hair Line must be designed natural and aesthetically by the Doctor.

What are the criteria to consider for extraction

Size of the donor area where the grafts will be extracted is determined.

Density of the donor is evaluated.

Size of the recipient area is determined.

Thickness of the donor area after extracting process

An adult person has about 100,000 hairs on his head (Between 80,000-120,000) The scalp of area roundly 500cm2. Roundly there are 200  hairs in 1cm2

Hairline Design

Hairline Design

The important things for hairline are natural appearance and density, in these area must be designed by the doctor

Dr. Hakan design the hairline with the patient according to his/her face shape.

The Patient should be aware of below information:

  • The skin colors of forehead and hairline is different.
  • Your hairline should not move while moving the eyebrow
  • The center of the hairline should be 8 cm above your eyebrows.
  • The hairline is evalued by the doctor based on patient’s expectation so he could design straight, round or triangle
  • For achieve good density for the patient who has limited donor (Nw 6-7), the hairline should be more conservative.
Your hair line should not be low for natural appearance.

To achieve natural appearance your hair line must be fill up with single micro grafts in the first line.