Risks and Complications

Advanced FUE hair transplantation is a safe procedure with little to no risk or side effects immediately following surgery or thereafter in the postoperative period. We have encountered no surgical complications (bleeding, infection, scar, delayed healing) in our patients with this technique.Shedding of the some transplanted hairs following hair transplantation, known as “shock loss,” is a common temporary side effect.  Bald patches are also common, as fifty to a hundred hairs can be lost each day. New hairs permanently grow in 3 monhts.Some patients may develop swelling around areas such as the forehead and eyes. The swelling is caused by the local anesthetic fluid being absorbed under the skin. It usually resolves itself spontaneously within 3-4 days.Rarely, individuals who are very sensitive to local anesthetic drugs may experience some discomfort, such as nausea and/or dizziness immediately following the surgery. The only treatment required is rest.

Very rarely, small cysts and folliculitis (hair follicle inflammation) may develop in the transplant area. This is treated with a local antibiotic application and the surgical removal of small cysts.

Every hair transplant candidate must know and understand the fact that:

To date, there is no method to create new hair (except artificial hair shafts). Therefore, candidates for hair transplantation are limited to those who have a favorable donor site surface area and density relative to the size of the area to be transplanted.

Several centers worldwide are working on tissue engineering in an attempt to clone hair follicles. For the time being, however, transplantation depends on the availability of autologous hair.

Male pattern baldness is a progressive condition. The rate of hair loss may slow down after the age of 40, but it may never stop completely.  It is for this reason that the preoperative plan must ensure a natural-looking long term result.

Older patients with more predictable balding patterns are the ideal patients for hair transplantation. Men under 30 years of age must understand that because of their young age it is impossible to determine in advance the end point of their hair loss. They may require a new hair transplantation session in the future.

Patients with the most severe form of hair loss must have realistic expectations of the result that can be achieved. This procedure involves redistributing a patient’s existing hair. Density expectations will be determined by a patient’s individual hair and scalp condition.

To obtain the best result possible it will often take at least two sessions, and in some cases three, depending on the severity of the male pattern baldness. However, a reasonable improvement and a satisfactory result can often be obtained in just one megasession.

MicroFUE hair transplant will yield very natural and healthy outcomes if performed by expert hands. Patient satisfaction is very high (almost 100%) among HTT Clinic patients.

More than 95% of HTT Clinic patients are satisfied with the density of their new hair growth after a single hair transplantation session.

HTT Clinic attributes his high patient satisfaction to the time he spends with each patient in the initial consultation when, with his patient, he establishes realistic expectations. A second session, when advisable to enhance density results, increased the rate of patient satisfaction.

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